Monday, December 17, 2012

What made a civilization like India to succumb to British rule?

Some one reading Indian history might get a question as similar to the title of this post. The answer I could see for this question is..

 1.The Divide and Rule policy.The policy by itself would not have been successful, but was benefited with the greed of Indian rulers to gain more territorial area. 

2.The ignorance of the Indian rulers about the contemporary events around the world like French Revolution, American Civilian War etc. Most of them did not realize the true nature of the British. If they would have known about the English Colonies outside India and how they were  conquered things would have been different.

3. The ignorance of our own past, History and Heritage. This was the failure of Indians after India was conquered by English. Indians were kind of hypnotized by the English that they were bound to be subjects of the mighty English Empire. If the rulers and people of India that time had clear knowledge of the Indian History they would not have accepted such a FATE.

Finally the main thing we can learn is that

"No civilization can live in stagnation for long time. India was on the verge of  stagnation when British entered the Subcontinent for trade. This clearly showed the flaws of the Indian system to the English. Its only for a better cause that we were doomed to be part of the British rule for two centuries. This helped in the development  of Nation feeling in India, helping our country to transform into a Modern Country. "

Jai Hind
S P Kasyap


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